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The Grid

September 9

I've heard of a city, well a community anyway, where they're trying to do more than exist. But there's a price. They only want the best of who... or what... is left. If they find you physically or mentally deficient, out you go. Criminals are kicked out on a first offence. They say the city is surrounded by shanty towns and crumbling relics inhabited by the cast-offs. They're dangerous, and getting more so all the time. I have to try to get there before there's no way in anymore.

What We Can Do For You

You get a place to live, you get food to eat, you get companionship. In short, you get a chance. But you have to put into it what you want to take out. There are expectations, and there are rules, and if you donít follow those rules, there are consequences. Itís only fair to tell you beforehand that there is no tolerance. One and done. We're picky, of course. There are certain tests you must pass before I let you in. I've been told that's ruthless; a needless waste of what human life is left on this ball of dirt. I don't care much.

Our walls protect us, and if you don't meet specs, outside the wall is where you will stay. Break a rule, and out you go. From the wall, it looks like the city is surrounded by a maze of garbage. Someday we'll clean up the mess, but for now it's a useful proving ground. Get through that and I want you on this side with me.

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