racine as madusaEagle Hollow Haunts has three fully developed and amazing haunted attractions.    Unlike other local Halloween attractions, you don’t pay for just one haunt or a new ticket for each individual haunt.     At Eagle Hollow you get all 3 haunts for about the same price as one attraction at other locations!      You’d think we’d be satisfied with that deal.     Fortunately for you, we’ve worked long and hard to offer an entire evening-full of activities for you and your family!     We also offer a DJ playing some fun tunes to dance to or listen to while you hang out at our firepits.    The firepits are free with your admission.   Concesssions has smores supplies, other food items and alcohol sales if you want some fireside treats.   If you are truly brave, you can try your voice with some Karaoke….of course, there’s a reason we call it Scary-oke.    Those poor onlookers are often terrified at the howling coming from the stage.    Not only is it the best deal in Nebraska, but it is also a top rated attraction for scares and entertainment!

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