Luminon is an exciting alien world discovered by an intrepid group of scientists discovered a type of ripple in space time, located near Eagle, Nebraska.  The planet of Luminon was found to be very similar to the tropical areas on Earth.   During the day, it is much the same as Earth’s lush and beautiful environments.  However, at night the bioluminescence and light radiation of the planet creates a beautiful, glowing scenery.

The first visitors to this planet found the nocturnal creatures to be very hostile and several scientific explorers were lost to the wilderness.   Because of this, the planet was named Luminon, after a Chemical called Luminol which is used to locate blood at crime scenes using an UltraViolet light.

Just a few years later, a secure area of Luminon has been tamed and it is now perfectly safe for our visitors to stay at the ultimate ‘Luminon Resort’ created just for you!

Due to the low levels of radiation on Luminon you should keep your goggles on whenever you are venturing outside the Luminon Resort in order to protect your eyes.  Also, be advised that most of Luminon’s inhabitants are nocturnal and therefore we ask that you return to your hotel before nightfall as we do not know enough about all of Luminon’s inhabitants yet.