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Investigating the "Darklands": What lurks in the woods in Eagle, NE?

In 2010, a dirt-track driver named Damian Stark died in a fiery accident in the wooded area near Eagle Raceway. His death was the result of his own murderous intent. Within months of the accident, locals began noticing strange occurrences, all more or less centered around the woods where Damian Stark’s body burned to a crisp thanks to his own maliciousness. However no one immediately made any connection between the numerous and varied happenings and the track itself, let alone the horrific accident.

In January of 2011 a rash of thefts from surrounding homes and businesses perplexed law enforcement. Throughout the spring and summer Game and Parks officials were plagued by seemingly random but violent animal deaths near the area. A mysterious lightshow in April was the first in a series of such events that lit up the woods nearly every night for a month, then stopped as abruptly as they had begun. Several families reported seeing what appeared to be circus clowns whose appearance, moving on the side of the road near the track. One family dared to approach and was violent attacked by a clown screeching, "is this funny enough for you, huh?!." The police were called but there was no sign of the clown. As the months drew on, these strange attacks and sightings grew more frequent and more frightening.

Now, 1 year after the crash, there can be no doubt that something sinister lurks in the woods near the raceway. Some say that Stark's restless spirit haunts the woods but most believe the residue of his evil has permeated the area, attracting other evil things, turning the land dark.

Venturing into the woods at night is now almost certain suicide, and the few people who have survived sound half mad with their wild, raving descriptions. Giant spiders, ghosts, zombies, clowns; anything and everything that haunts the human nightmare has been seen at one time or another in those woods.

And now I've heard that someone has started offering tours of the woods, calling it "The Darklands". Based on what this author has seen so far that it reckless at best, criminal at worst. I hope it's not true, but if it is may God have mercy on their souls.