What is Luminon?

An exciting alien world at your fingertips!

Luminon is a new and exciting alien world discovered within the last decade. An intrepid group of scientists discovered a type of ripple in space time, located near Eagle, Nebraska. This singularity has expanded the frontier of human experience. By utilizing the properties of this fascinating discovery, scientists and adventurers have been enabled to explore a dramatic alien world. And now that world is offered to you!

Upon stepping through the vortex, you are transported a dozen or more lightyears from Earth. Scientists have as yet been unable to determine which star Luminon orbits, but they are certain it is within our own Milky Way galaxy. Atmospheric, solar and other conditions make it ideally suited to human life, which explains why the basic structures of life on Luminon are so similar to our own. New discoveries take place daily, as scientists from across our own globe delve into this latest branch of human discovery!

While Earth boasts some examples of bioluminescence, the phenomenon displayed by life on Luminon is outside all human experience. It is this stunning display that draws people from every corner of the world, and every walk of life, to Nebraska, to the vortex, to Luminon! Be the first of your neighbors to step on this far-flung planet, and be sure not to miss your opportunity to lose yourself in this unique experience!