Thrilling Guided Tours!

Guided tours and solo adventures are available now!

Nothing can be more thrilling than setting foot on an alien planet. Our agents have spent years learning the biology of this world. With new technologies and vast experience, they are uniquely equipped to carry you safely to an alien paradise!

Luminon's unique flora and fauna create a breathtaking nighttime spectacle. Experience the peculiarities of this newly discovered world with the benefit of a well-informed expert; let one of our experienced guides lead you on a delightful safari through the dark jungles. Or, for the truly adventurous, solo trips are available! Our agents will assist in planning your travel arrangements and supplies, and your trip to Luminon will be guided by the one person who knows you best; Yourself!

Inquire with our Luminon Travels agent at 617 238th St in Eagle, Nebraska for complete details! Tours are available weekend nights. Special daytime tours will be available for the kids! Your Luminon Travels agent can assist you in planning the perfect getaway for you and the family!