Boo-Yah Bud Saturday, Oct 21st

Saturday, October 21st, 2017…
NO GAME, so all the huskers are looking for something to do. Typically this is the busiest night of the season. Come early!!!! The gates open at 7:30 and typically the line starts before that.   The earlier you get there, the best chance you’ll have time to hang out at the fire pits, drink at the  E.R. and sing Scary-okey after the haunts.   If Eagle Hollow fills up, the gates may be forced to close early. Be prepared for longer lines. We will do our best to get everyone a great show with the shortest wait! Scare ya later!
It’s Boo-Yah Budweiser Saturday!  Get your Budweiser, Bud Light or Busch Light for only $3.00!  Come get the “Boo” scared out of you!
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Saturday, October 21st, 2017 is Boo-Yah Budweiser Saturday!
Sponsored by Budweiser!

Get you Budweiser, Bud Light or Busch Light for only $3.00 tonight at Eagle Hollow Haunts!
If you are good little monsters…you will get a special Budweiser treat from Dr. Shotz in the E.R.  But you must take a selfie with Dr. Shotz or Nurse I.V. and share it on Facebook to all your monsterous friends to get a chance to get a special gift while supplies last!

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