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The Grid

March 15

Hadnít we always lived in a world of political tensions and bickering? Everyone knew that everyone else had bombs, and no one, least of all the people, believed anyone would ever use them. And then, they did. Itís funny how fast a personís perspective can change. I used to worry about paying $3.50 a gallon for gas...

August 18

Most of the plant and animal life is dead. Most of the humans too, although looking at us now, I'm not sure we shouldn't be lumped in with the other animals. The words anarchy, martial law, chaos; they donít really mean anything until youíre in them. The world is a crucible, burning off the weak, the stupid, the sick and old. The only ones that survive are the exceptionally smart or exceptionally cunning, the healthy and strong, and the very, very lucky.

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